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/ 01

Pricefx Is Proud to Be an SAP Gold Partner

We view Pricefx’s status as an SAP Gold Partner as confirmation of our commitment to providing a suite of pricing tools designed to deliver consistent business value to you, our customers. Pricefx’s seamless integration with SAP’s ERP system provides your sales team with unmatched response times to pricing inquiries and quote creations with optimal pricing.

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/ 02

Pricefx Reaches Settlement in Intellectual Property Lawsuit

It is with a tremendous sense of relief and excitement that I’m sharing news today of reaching a final and definitive conclusion to our legal dispute of the past several years. This journey began in 2017, and has weighed heavily on our company, and on me personally.

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/ 03

Our New Chicago Office Is Turning Heads!

When we moved into our new office space in Chicago, we were pretty impressed by its light, modern, funky and friendly look and feel. Its airy design is perfect for being at the cutting edge of the pricing stratosphere. But in a city that is famed for its sleek and innovative architecture, imagine our delight when our workplace was selected by as one of Chicago’s six freshest and most vibrant new working environments designed to inspire. High praise, indeed!

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