Must Watch Pricing Presentations

How the Best B2B Companies Achieve Pricing Excellence


David Burns and Chuck Davenport, Partners at Bain & Company

Find Out:

  • How to clarify company objectives so that your pricing strategy can be clear and focused
  • How to motivate outperformers so that their incentives are meaningful and will, therefore, motivate them to continue to outperform

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How to Double Your Price Increase Success Rate

Joanne Smith - Price2Profits - Accelerate

Joanne Smith, President of Price to Profits Consulting


  • Why organizations sometimes implement price increase protocols but don’t execute
  • How to incentivize and foster total buy-in for price increases starting from management to the sales team
  • Joanne Smith’s c-DARE process to double your price increase success rate

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Initiating a Pricing Roadmap Enabled by Pricefx. A Case Study.

Thomas Verly - Accelerate

Thomas Verly, Head of Global Sales Processes & Head of Americas IT

In this talk, you will learn how they

  • Navigated millions of SKUs and multiple ERP systems globally
  • Recovered from a low return on sales
  • Defined the best way to take a centralized approach to selling
  • Got an understanding of millions of data points to create a stable pricing foundation

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Rise of the Microbrew: A Look into Commodity Pricing and the Beer Industry.

Ted Hartnell - Radar - Accelerate

Ted Hartnell, Chief Architect and Developer at Scientific Strategy

In this talk you will explore:

  • The four phases that many goods in several industries take from specialized product to commodity
  • How marketing and competition unsettles the status quo and where you can perhaps start to rethink your products
  • If there is room in your industry and market to lift prices, leverage pricing power, and command more margins

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How Process and Change Management Drives Price Transformation Success

Jerry Cheatham - Sonoco - Accelerate

Jerry Cheatham, Director of Finance, Global Tubes and Cores at Sonoco


  • How to drive organizational transformation
  • How to educate your organization on your visions and the techniques needed to support your objectives
  • How to drive cross- functional cooperation between financial analysts, commercial staff, senior leadership and even your customers

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Pricing Solution

Paul Hunt - Accelerate

Paul Hunt, Pricing Expert and President at Pricing Solutions

Paul Hunt uncovers:

  • The five levels of the pricing process that you can use to achieve pricing excellence
  • How to use technology to maximize its benefits
  • The four steps to system implementation results

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How Dynamic Pricing Drives Digitization in Offline Businesses

Enrico Karg - Ticketcorner - Accelerate

Enrico Karg, Head of Customer Journey Driving Project at CTS EVENTIM AG & Co. KGaA and Manager Business Development at Ticketcorner AG

Enrico explains how TicketCorner:

  • Used dynamic pricing to understand user behavior even with offline sales
  • Overcame obstacles such as climate changes, evolving demographics, and the industry’s status quo on digitization
  • Moved from a one-size-fits-all approach to a segmented pricing approach

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