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The Toughest Year Also Brought Opportunities

We've all been inundated with reports about the effects of 2020 on manufacturing and retail businesses. 

But there's a reason for this. Global manufacturing output was met with a sharp decline of 11.2% last year and saw an increase in the adoption of BOPIS. 

Find out what a panel of pricing experts have to say about what comes next in 2021 and beyond.

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Your Price Management Toolbox for Success

A holistic approach to pricing that enables you to analyze your data, uncover profit drivers and turn them into effective pricing strategies.

Increase Business Agility

Drive Profitable Growth

Reduce Effort and Risk

Plan proactively and reach your pricing goals and objectives faster

  • Use powerful analytics to reveal your profit drivers for every transaction, product, salesperson and customer
  • Define segment-specific target price setting and guardrails, powered by intelligent, transparent AI-based optimization
  • Manage your price lists with ease and execute mass pricing updates across customer segments, product categories or regions
  • Utilize dynamic pricing (parameters-based repricing, variable price contracts, etc.) and “what-if” simulations before implementing
  • Get a single source of truth for net margin, competition and contract pricing
  • Close more deals by being able to respond more quickly to requests for quotes

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Pricefx is a leader in Enterprise Pricing on G2
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