Available now: Bee's Knees 10

Pricefx New Release



In this release, we continue on our journey to allow you to execute more pricing tasks within a single platform and to make things happen in fewer steps and clicks.

We're introducing Price List Impact Simulation that enables you to assess the business impact of list price adjustments, and pre-releasing Visual Configuration with a first use-case allowing you to set up price strategies, with a drag-and-drop editor and no coding.

Our new Flexible Calculation Grid enables you to bring and mass-process additional data in Pricefx, and leverage it in your various pricing processes.

We're also launching new functions and enhancements that can be used across most of our existing capabilities, such as enhanced Notifications and Contextual Actions.  

Price List Impact Simulation

  • Assess the business impact of the assumed updates on list prices, involving all elements of the price waterfall.
  • Calculated impact on business KPIs, including a visual comparison of a simulated scenario with status quo
  • Simulation is related to a specific price list with its scope (products, customers,…)
  • Holistic simulation reflecting involved scope, including special agreements in place (net prices)
  • Available for Price Lists and Live Price Grids

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