Pricefx Bijou 7.0 Release


In our latest Bijou release we focus on two areas:

  • Price optimization enhancements - we introduce Market Simulation as a next step in our AI-powered price optimization which enhances the optimization process with a context of your overall product portfolio as well as market and competitors
  • Usability improvements - we've listened to your feedback and we introduce a lot of new features which will enable you to use our product more efficiently and spend more time rather with making your critical business decisions




Product: Core, Classic UI and Unity UI
Release name: Bijou
Release version: 7.0
Release date: April 25th, 2021
Release type: Major
Environments updated automatically: Shared EU and Shared US

For upgrade of Private environments, please get in touch with your Pricefx Customer Success Manager.

Please visit our release notes section on our Pfx Universe for more information.


Release Notes

Release notes for Core & Classic UI ⇒

Release notes for Unity UI ⇒



Unity UI: ⇒

Classic UI: ⇒