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When you’re using Blade, you’re using the live, real, 100% cloud-based pricing software.

No demo-ware here.

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Blade is the first pricing tool to enable on-line access through your web browser – and it is completely free!

It’s not a canned demo, it’s not a mock up. Blade is our industry leading Pricefx Platform and Product Suite, now easily accessed for self-registration and live data configuration.

Click through our account set-up and configuration wizard, select from realistic sample data, or upload your own, and take our award winning pricing analytics for a test drive, all from the comfort of your desk (or couch!).

Accessing Our Free Blade Tool is Fast, Flexible, and Friendly:

Sign up. Click to configure. Unlock growth.

That’s the power of cloud pricing – Blade, from Pricefx.


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