How to Choose Truly Cloud-Native Pricing Software

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It's Pricing Cloud's 10-Year Anniversary. What "New" Cloud Solutions Really Offer

Not everything advertised as “cloud software” is actually that. In fact, a recent trend in pricing software is to “clone” a legacy software into a “cloud” hosting environment and call it a Cloud Solution. In reality, these products do little more than they did before the hosting change – and buyers need to ask the right questions to make sure they are actually getting what they're being told they are buying. Discover what this means. 

Separating Fact from Fiction in the Great Cloud Debate

"Cloud-native" and "cloud-hosted". These are terms you've heard before and software vendors like to throw them around. Hey, we've even been known to use them too. We're here to remove any uncertainty around what those terms actually mean for you and the software you choose. 

Quizzing Your Sales Rep to Get to the Bottom of the Sale

Remember when Apple added music to iTunes that no one wanted? Well, that sometimes happens with large purchase software. The last thing you need after an emotional purchasing process is to be stuck with software that you don't want – or worse doesn't help with the challenges you have. Here are some questions to consider during your next call with a rep. 

Proven Experience in Cloud Solutions Is Worth Every Penny

Experience with cloud-first solutions matters because while others are just starting to solve the puzzle of seamless integration and innovation with the cloud, experienced engineers are making leaps with Market Simulation and optimizing for several KPIs at once. 

Soundtrack: Your Rich Tunes Playlist

Love it or hate it, money is what makes business go round. This rich tunes playlist is just what you need for a little inspiration.

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