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CoachIT - Advantage Partner

About the Partner

Bringing Pricefx as an innovative and cloud solution based for pricing in Latin America and Brazil is a new era for governance to help our customers to achieve their goals and results, more than KPI it is related to a better understanding of margins and opportunities. CoachIT is proud to be part of this new era as a Pricefx partner.

CoachIT - Advantage Partner

Features Overview

CoachIT can be your partner in your pricing journey.  

Why CoachIT?

Making the right decisions at the right time focusing on business drivers is key to succeed in today's competitive environment with the best IT strategy and technical approach. Optimal processes and the right software to meet all business requirements with CoachIT and Pricefx our customers can take advantage of unique vision to achieve their drivers.

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We love talking about two things - your business, and how our software can help it grow! Our industry leading cloud pricing solutions deliver profitable growth and efficiency in record time.