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Using Data Analytics and Behavioral Science to Boost Sales and Profits

April 28th, 2020 (Updated 06/20/2023)

By Movens Capital

How to Use Behavioral Science to Boost Profits and Sales

Buyers sometimes exhibit seemingly “irrational” behavior with respect to prices and use socially embedded heuristics to simplify their purchase decisions. In some cases, small changes in prices can lead to much larger than anticipated changes in sales and profitability. Sellers need to understand the heuristics consumers use, the situations in which they emerge, and recognize how they can respond in markets where information and knowledge of product attributes and competitive prices are increasingly available.

During the webinar, Maciej and Wojciech of Movens Capital will explore consumers’ behavioral reactions to price through a review of their multiple years of project experience in the field of behavioral pricing. They will explain the nature and scope of these effects and conclude by providing implications for innovation in pricing, and guidance for managers to reduce the disconnect between themselves and consumers.

Key benefits of the webinar

• Blend behavioral science with data analytics to boost your profits.
• Learn how to integrate your sales, brand, and marketing strategies based on behavioral science.
• Learn frameworks for analyzing customer preferences and enhancing customer intimacy.
• Get exposure to real-life project cases and latest scientific research and idea.
• Understand the most common price-related socially embedded heuristics that consumers follow.

Who should join the webinar

• Marketing and sales executives— from any size company, any industry, and any country
• General managers with responsibility for marketing and sales-related functions

About the speakers

Maciej Kraus Ph.D is an experienced business personality:
– completed over 100 projects in B2B and B2C in 40+ countries
– guest lecturer at many respected schools (LBS, Stanford GSB).

Wojciech Gorzeń, MBA, MSc is a profit & performance, improvement-oriented leader:
– led 50+ international profit improvement projects on 4 continents
– headed e2e Pricing Solution for Global $14B corporation

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