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Pricefx is the first true platform in the pricing software industry. Our world-class suite of pricing software modules sit on top of a platform that connects them to a universe of Accelerator Packages Pricing IP, algorithm libraries, connected apps and more, to get you live faster, and gaining ROI from day one.

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A Pricing Software Platform that Scales with You

/ Pricefx offers a full suite of price management solutions. Already world-class and built to stay ahead of the market, these products are designed to meet both your current-state and future-state needs.

Upgrade Your Pricing Processes

/ From gathering insight on your pricing data to managing strategy and bringing prices to market, our platform performs every function in the pricing process.



/ PriceAnalyzer provides you with impactful visualizations and reports so that you can identify underperforming products, accounts and marketing programs with granular root-cause analysis.

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/ PriceOptimizer uses machine learning and data science techniques to help you test and optimize pricing strategies, segments, volumes and margins.

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/ PriceBuilder lets you run price calculations using variants based on any combination of factors – cost, market, competition, attribution and more.

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/ PromotionManager’s easy-to-use interface allows you to define, create and manage an unlimited number of discounts and pricing offers.

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/ QuoteConfigurator’s straightforward interface and seamless integration with most CRM systems provides your sales team unmatched response times.

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/ RebateManager allows you to manage rebate processes in one place with complete transparency regardless of complex off-invoice conditions.

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PFX Platform

/ PFX Platform allows you to seamlessly connect our SaaS-based pricing solutions to your systems, including CRM, eCommerce, ERP and more.

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/ ChannelManager offers the complete ship & debit claims management solution built to work seamlessly and powerfully with your current tech stack.

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