How Dynamic Pricing Drives Digitization in Offline Businesses – Video

3 Ways to Use Dynamic Pricing

Enrico explains how TicketCorner:

  • Used dynamic pricing to understand user behavior even with offline sales
  • Overcame obstacles such as climate changes, evolving demographics, and the industry’s status quo on digitization
  • Moved from a one-size-fits-all approach to a segmented pricing approach

A Brief Synopsis

Enrico Karg Content

TicketCorner is a Swiss ticketing platform that is headquartered in Rumlang, Switzerland. Visitors of the platform can choose from thousands of events. Part of their business also supplies ski passes to avid skiers and snowboarders. Enrico Karg shares how TicketCorner, a pioneer in online ski passes, decided to fully adopt their digital processes to improve their pricing strategies.

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Who is Enrico Karg

Enrico Karg is the Business Development Manager at TicketCorner and took over as the Head of Customer Journey at Eventiom, TicketCorner’s parent company. He is also an avid snowboarder and you will find him in on the slopes from September to April.

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