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Fast, Flexible, Friendly Pricing Software.

The F-words we value are Fast, Flexible, and Friendly, and we go to work every day to reflect them in the culture of our company. They are the core principles of our product design strategy, centered on speed, configurability, and ease of use. And for our customers, our F-Words clearly state our promise to you – Fast time to Value. Flexible configuration and customization. Friendly to learn, use, and do business with.

F-Words are our formula for changing the pricing industry.

Pricing software doesn't have to be time consuming to implement, rigid and difficult to configure, and aggravating to learn and grow into. Pricefx was born from the simple frustration that delivering business results through pricing often came with those ideas as the default setting. So, we invented a solution built on three F-Words:



An industry leading implementation timeline measured in weeks, not months or years, means our customers start seeing their investment pay off in the first year of activation with Pricefx.

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Point and click integrations. Dynamic data ingestion and activation. Configurable UI, datamarts, dashboards and more. No other pricing platform offers the flexibility that comes standard with Pricefx, and flexibility is a game changer in today's digitally driven economy.

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Our no barrier to entry / no barrier to exit contracts changed the game in the pricing industry. Our customer teams have been recognized as the industry's favorite to work with. And our platform is awarded for being easy to learn and use. That's what Friendly pricing looks like.

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Why We Love F-Words at Pricefx

What do F-Words mean to us?

It’s art and science. It’s living our value. It’s our passion for pricing.

How F‑Words Are Driving Innovation


Speed Drives Sales, Time to Step on the Gas!

Speed is the language most salespeople speak and as most sales people know time kills deals (TKD). Find out why speed is so important and how you can start closing deals faster.

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How to Capitalize on Speed to Improve Pricing Processes

Amazon beat out competitors because they were faster and more agile. You might not be Amazon yet, but if you want to improve your pricing processes, you can always leverage speed.

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Dynamic Pricing? Yes, You Can!

Using dynamic pricing might seem overwhelming, but it’s not. By understanding AI and machine learning, dynamic pricing doesn’t have to be daunting.

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Big on F‑Words?

Pricefx is defining the future of pricing.

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/ We never miss a chance to talk pricing. If you have any questions regarding our platform or the industry, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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