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Two Solutions to Drive More Value out of Complex Deals

When your top 5-10% of customers make up more than 50% of your revenue, relying on spreadsheets and manual processes during contract re-negotiations leaves your potential negotiation power unknown.

Powered by Pricefx, Velo is a world-class pricing analytics tool that provides insights into all the value drivers at play, supercharging your outcomes.


Managing pricing information through spreadsheets fails to link value estimation to price setting analysis. ValueEstimator helps you plan, negotiate and get the most value out of a large, complex deal. It's best suited for sellers who want to reflect the value of their offering when setting prices for their customers.


Quantifies Value Drivers

Links customer value drivers to pricing decision making to value estimation and reflects the customer value drivers for product sales.

Faster, More Precise Price Setting

Allows relevant drivers to be considered at the moment a price is set for a customer quote – arming your sales force with more accurate price setting.


Skip digging through emails, calendars and whiteboard discussions. This one-stop deal planning and negotiating tool helps you efficiently streamline, organize and automate your next big deal. It's best suited for enterprise companies selling products directly as a distributor to end customers or other distributors.


Enhances Team Alignment

Manages all key drivers, analysis and objectives of the deal process to ensure stakeholder alignment and readiness.

Facilitates Collaboration

Consolidates previous quotes, price changes and value estimations such as channel manager claims and rebates for seamless collaboration.

Informs Future Negotiations

Allows for finalized agreements to be used for future similar negotiations using quotes, drivers and other critical information.

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"As pricing leaders we strive to link price to customer value - especially for large customers with procurement teams measured on saving money. However, most advanced pricing tools are driven by internal company data, not customer value. Based on feedback from the pricing community, Pricefx is launching a unique new capability that connects our powerful price optimization engine to customer value data. We’ve waited a long time for this – a huge breakthrough for pricing leaders."

Stephen Haggett

Vice President, Pricing, Revenue Management, and Sales Operations at Iron Mountain

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