Get Running At Lightning Speed

May 14th, 2020 (Updated 03/23/2021)

Billy Graham & Martin Wricke
Chief Customer Officer & Chief Product Officer at

Get Running at Lightning Speed    Pricefx Lightning is your fast track to pricing excellence. Designed to supercharge your implementation, Lightning delivers a full suite of standard pricing analytics, management, and CPQ tools through our exclusive Accelerators.  It’s all pre-configured to get you live in just six weeks.  Introducing Accelerators Many companies want to leverage pricing best practices that will help them to reach their goals with speed. To provide even more value to our customers and enable faster time-to-value, we have developed standard, out-of-the-box pricing capabilities for our customers – we call these Accelerators.  Accelerators encapsulate years of expertise and learnings condensed into a flexible, robust set of standard pre-configurations that allow companies to leapfrog overpricing basics so that they can focus on enabling their pricing competitive advantage in Pricefx.  We’re not saying this is the...

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