Optimal Price Management Software Based on an AI-Powered Engine

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to fine-tune all pricing elements simultaneously and surpass your business objectives with speed and accuracy.

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Take Back Control. Identify, Define and Centralize Your Pricing Management

The Pricefx Price package, which helps you to easily set prices, provides you with a comprehensive set of price management tools. This includes an AI-powered price optimization solution that enables you to optimize multiple price elements in real-time, reflecting real customer purchasing behavior.

Manage your price lists, including dynamic price lists, with automated recalculation that is  based on defined triggers. Create and execute price agreements or discounts and gain full control of all of your price-related campaigns. With enhanced price setting functionality, by way of artificial intelligence, you can finally rest knowing that pricing is easier to manage.

Enhanced Price Setting and Other Benefits of the Pricefx Price Package

Discover how this unique package helps you set list prices and manage discounts and promotions of any complexity and push them live to the multiple systems across your organization. Leverage the complete suite of pricing solutions with price setting, price management, and price optimization with artificial intelligence in one place. 

What the Pricefx Price Package Gives You

With the Pricefx Price package of pricing solutions, you can reach your business goals faster by leveraging our AI-powered price optimization engine, flexible price setting and promotion management, for industry-leading time-to-value.
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Find Out How the Plan, Price and Profit Packages Fit Together

The Pricefx Price package, which includes price setting and dynamic pricing capabilities, is just one critical component of pricing excellence. Find out how it connects to our other packages to give you complete pricing efficiency from analysis to quoting.

Why Our Customers Love to Price with Us

Discover the benefits and profits of implementing a successful data-driven pricing strategy with Pricefx.

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"We were bogged down in spreadsheets and needed a solution that would help us quickly identify and react to trends in the marketplace."

Carl Knight
VP Pricing, ICP


"We were bogged down in spreadsheets and needed a solution that would help us quickly identify and react to trends in the marketplace."

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Carl Knight
VP Pricing, ICP

The Pricefx Price Package

This package forms part of your overall pricing strategy and is tailored to help you with price setting and price management using the latest technology. With the package you can reach your goals with flexibility and ease.


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Can Pricefx really handle optimizing my prices based on several factors at the same time?
How do I utilize the source data from my existing ERP/CRM systems? Can I integrate the resulting price list with them?
How quickly can I get my Pricefx Price package implemented?

Time to Get Even More Savvy About Price Setting, Price Management and Price Optimization

Find articles, case studies, guides, how-tos and more from pricing experts that will help you on your road to pricing excellence and even smarter price setting.

Seize the Benefits of Profit-Increasing Pricing Software

Don’t let your pricing take control of you. Find out how the Pricefx Price package can give you back the reins to set, simulate, optimize and manage multiple aspects of your pricing in one centralized hub. Reach out and talk to an expert today or watch a tailored demo and see how you can start making a significant impact on your bottom line.

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