Getting Sales Buy-in for Price Moves – In Good Times and in Crisis Times [WEBINAR]

May 18, 2020

Getting Sales Buy-in for Price Moves

In Good Times and in Crisis Times

Pricing teams can set great pricing targets and recommendations yet profit realization success always comes down to sales willingness and capability to execute these recommendations. Whether we’re talking about pricing increases during favorable market conditions or holding/slowing during tough market crises.    

Far too many companies fail to fully realize their price and profit potential because they fail to get the critically needed buy-in of their sales teams for pricing moves – either through not recognizing the need or through ineffective approaches. Yet achieving this seemingly elusive buy-in from sales is not rocket science. It can be achieved relatively quickly with the right effort.   

The right effort must address both the gaining of sales buy-in and the ability of sales to confidently implement price moves. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The importance of partnering with sales and gaining their buy-in  
  • Why salespeople are often resistance or reluctant to adopt price recommendations  
  • Three proven ways to overcome sales resistance and gain their buy-in  
  • The importance of pricing transparency in overcoming sales resistance to price changes 


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