Hurricane 9.0

Pricefx New Release

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In this release, we want you to be able to execute more tasks from one place.

This is why we're launching a brand new capability: Sales Compensation, a solution that allows you to manage compensation plans effectively, all within the Pricefx platform. 

We're also introducing custom forms that enable you to create your own supplementary functionality within Pricefx, and we're improving the user experience on our existing capabilities.

Available since June 26th 2022

Introducing Sales Compensation

Sales Compensation capability allows sales administrators to manage sales compensation plans effectively, helps sales professionals attain quota by making it visible in real-time, and aligns compensation plans with the company's objectives. 

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What else is new with Hurricane?

New Agreements and Promotions

Custom Forms

Optimization improvements

Fewer clicks. Faster results.

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  • Multiple ways of viewing agreements & promotions are now consolidated into one streamlined User Experience.
  • Improved organization of agreement details and calculation results
  • Contextual tabs and buttons for faster agreement design, getting related info and actions
  • Main actions stays visible at the top of the screen
  • Improved items folders
  • Drag & drop attachments
  • Auto-saving of your work

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Did you know that Pricefx offers out-of-the-box pricing KPIs and metrics that help you make better business decisions?

For the first time, pricing leaders can benchmark KPIs against the market, including ones like price realization and quote velocity.

Plasma is now included in our core product enabling opted-in Customers to get immediate access to standard pricing KPI dashboards.

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Measure and compare

your pricing process performance with other companies in the industry

Identify market trends

to improve decision-making on future strategy, ambition, and direction of growth 

Visualize results

with standard dashboards available by default to all customers who opted for PricefxPlasma


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