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Initiating a Pricing Roadmap Enabled by Pricefx. A Case Study. – Video

The Pricing Roadmap According to EagleBurgmann

In this talk, you will learn how they

  • Navigated millions of SKUs and multiple ERP systems globally
  • Recovered from a low return on sales
  • Defined the best way to take a centralized approach to selling
  • Got an understanding of millions of data points to create a stable pricing foundation

A Brief Synopsis

Pricing Roadmap

EagleBurgmann’s mechanical seals, prevent fluid from going flowing back into a pump. Their devices are used in any kind of machine that pumps fluid. EagleBurgmann has about 6000 employees, production in 21 sites, a balanced product portfolio, and a worldwide presence in 60 countries. These facts make them one of the leading mechanical seal manufacturers in the world. However, both from an IT and processes point of view, executing pricing strategy was “a complete nightmare”.

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You Will Learn From

Thomas Verly is the Head of Global Sales Processes at EagleBurgmann Corporate and the Head of IT at EagleBurgmann for the Americas. Thomas has expertise in IT & Business Alignment, Process Digitization and can define cross-functional content, project management and related training forto all levels of his organization.

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