Price Management Software, Connected to Your Company.

Gain new insights and be able to fully optimize your prices to reach your business goals. Grow your profits and market share with respective pricing across all customer segments, products and channels.

Reach it faster through platform technology that rapidly delivers integrations to your company data and applications across geographies, industries, and business units.

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Explore the Full Suite of Price Management, Price Optimization and CPQ Solutions

Pricing is a complex but necessary part of business processes. These uniquely packaged solutions stack together can help you to solve it in an easier way and to enable you to be agile, proactive and profitable at every step of your journey.

More Than a Buzzword.

Most pricing software providers talk about their "cloud solutions" and connectivity, but your business needs more than buzzwords and marketing positioning to be successful.

Pricefx was born in the cloud, designed as a scalable platform from day one. With Pricefx, you can avoid costly, time consuming Gen1 legacy migrations and complicated hybrid offerings resulting from bolt-on acquisitions. 

More than anything, that means speed, scale, and value for you.

A Foundation for Growth

Your Platform for Profitability

Pricing solutions have lived in silos for too long. Your business needs connections between systems, tools, processes, and your strategy needs to be supported in easy and fast way, without any limits. That's why we've built the industry's first connected cloud platform to deliver an expanding universe of integrations to IT systems, applications, tools, strategic pricing IPs with speed and simplicity.

100% Cloud




Cloud Native.

Our platform is cloud native and you can benefit from it every day - from fast deployment phase to its long-term utilization where you can focus on your business rather than maintenance of another IT system. 

  • Scalability without limits and system outages
  • Easy and transparent upgrades for new functionalities
  • Works just in browser, no need to install special software on user computers

More About The Platform

Learn more on how you can benefit from our cloud native platform, reach fast time to value and focus more on your business rather than complicated software deployment.

Which pre-built integrations to other IT systems are provided?
What kind of data sources are supported?
What are Accelerators, and how do they work?

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We love talking about two things - your business, and how our software can help it grow! Our industry leading cloud pricing solutions deliver profitable growth and efficiency in record time.

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