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Maximize your value, optimize your leverage and negotiate to win.

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Introducing Your Pricing Edge.

Powered by Pricefx and Profit Velocity, Velo combines powerful tech and proven methodology to create a competitive edge in contract negotions.

Powerful Technologies from Pricefx

World-class pricing analytics software that actions value-driven insights.

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Links customer value drivers to pricing decision making to value estimation. Best suited for sellers who want to reflect the value of their offering when setting prices for their customers.


This negotiating tool helps you efficiently streamline, organize and automate your next big deal. Best suited for enterprise companies selling products directly.

Proven Methodology from Profit Velocity

Advisory support on how to successfully approach for planning, orchestrating and executing complex sales transactions.

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Consider the Playing Field Leveled

Your competitors likely leverage professional consultants when preparing their contract negotiations. Velo equips you with strategies to meet or beat what the buyer is doing.

Build Confidence, Alignment & Negotiation Power

Velo can be your advocate to put you in a better position to increase profitability and deliver on your supply chain optimization strategy.

"As pricing leaders we strive to link price to customer value - especially for large customers with procurement teams measured on saving money. However, most advanced pricing tools are driven by internal company data, not customer value. Based on feedback from the pricing community, Pricefx is launching a unique new capability that connects our powerful price optimization engine to customer value data. We’ve waited a long time for this – a huge breakthrough for pricing leaders."

Stephen Haggett

Vice President, Pricing, Revenue Management, and Sales Operations at Iron Mountain

Don't Leave Your Negotiating Power on the Table.

See how you can gain a competitive edge on your next big contract. We're ready to help.

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