Introducing Lightning, A Turnkey Pricing Solution!

Standardized Enterprise Pricing Analytics, Flexible Price Management, and Robust CPQ Pre-Configured for Rapid Deployment.

Skip The Proof of Concept

Lightning is a first-of-its-kind, tech-enabled fast lane, designed to supercharge your implementation without breaking the bank. Powered by our exclusive Accelerators, Lightning delivers a full suite of standard pricing analytics, management, and CPQ realization tools, pre-configured to go live in six weeks or less – just add your data.

Ready, Out Of The Box

Built on industry best practices, and tested on dozens of customers, our standard configurations for Sales Analytics, Price Management, and leading quoting capabilities deliver performance improvement right away.

Our rapid activation path is powered by an intuitive wizard interface, allowing you to easily select the accelerators you want to work with, load in and map your data, make settings selections, and launch a live environment in weeks.

B.Y.O. Data

Our uniquely powerful data mapping capabilities enable you to upload or SFTP any flat file or Excel spreadsheet and get working with your data in a matter of days.

Point. Click. Deploy.

The Pricefx Platform has been powerfully designed to anticipate our customers most common integration needs. Via our intuitive visual configuration manager, choose and implement up to 5 inbound integrations.

No Barriers To Entry.

Our commercial terms have always made it easy for customers to start capturing value right away. Qualifying customers are eligible for low or no cost activation of Lightning now through the end of 2020. Contact your Pricefx representative to learn more.

A Complete Turn-Key Set of Pricing Capabilities

Accelerate Sales Insights – Package Accelerate Price Setting – Package Accelerate Price Flexibility – Package Accelerate CPQ – Package
  • Upload of Product, Customer and Transactional Data
  • Generate a standard pricing Datamart
  • Leverage out-of-the-box dashboards to analyze revenue and margins
  • Develop custom analyses and reports
  • Upload Product, Customer, and competitive data
  • Utilize up to 6 pricing strategies
  • Set prices at a global and/or local level
  • Enable dynamic pricing
  • Detect changes in Product (cost) data
  • Reprice products based on market changes (e.g„ commodities volatility, supply data)
  • Generate review/approval ToDo’s
  • Upload Product data, Customer data, Price Lists, price recommendations, competitive data
  • Quote with pricing logic on header and line item level
  • Share analytical insights with sales representatives
  • Leverage Pfx or internal quote output templates
Accelerate Workflow
Define and maintain approval workflows for Price Lists and Quotes with detailed information such as approver, condition for approval, and reason.

Our Timelines Redefine The Pricing Industry.

PriceFx Lightning Delivers


faster time-to-value than other industry solutions
lower set-up and activation – get started for free!
more out-of-the-box functionality, with easily scalable customizations

Powerful Pre-configured and Customizable Analytics Dashboards

Templated, Highly Flexible Price Setting Strategies

Enterprise Grade CPQ Capabilities Including Workflow and Approval Management, Integrated Email and E-Signature.

Ready for real results, really fast?

/ Skip the proof of concept, connect with one of our team members and get started today!