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AHM 2022: A Cut Above the Rest and Moving Forward to Our Roots

January 18th, 2022 (Updated 03/10/2023) | 3 min. read

By Pricefx

If you were to head over to our social media pages right now, you would see a lot of shaved heads. No, we’re not taking any vows of silence or solemnity. It’s quite the opposite. Those heads are smiling in celebration because we just closed our biggest quarter to date!

With 26 closed deals in Q4 2021, 34 new enterprise companies, and 45% year-over-year annual recurring revenue (ARR) growth, we have a lot to celebrate. Not only that but we expanded our team and added a few rockstars to the C-suite, Ronak Sheth (CRO & President) and Toby Davidson (CPTO).

The Big Shave Challenge of 2021

So, why the bald heads? Sometime in November last year, some of our team (those with smiling shaved heads) challenged Ronak Sheth and our sales team to close the biggest quarter in our history. It was all upside; if the sales team rose to the occasion, then some people got a chance rid themselves of their COVID shag. And if they didn’t well, there’s one thing we learned, never doubt Ronak and our All-Star salespeople. Their willingness to answer pressing customer questions, humility, and no b*ullsh*t approach to honestly serving the customer is what enabled us to close the year on a high note.

Forward to our Roots

And as you might have noticed, Marcin, our CEO, rocked a red mohawk. That mohawk and the shaved head represented a resetting of sorts. As Marcin, stated in the first All Hands Address at the start of the week, “We’re going forward to our roots”. What this means is that we will double down on a no BS approach to drive innovation in our commitment to our customers, partners, and each other.

Showing Appreciation to Our Most Spirited People

But our 11th All Hands Meeting wasn’t all red hair dye and exciting numbers. We also took the time to show appreciation and love to those who went above and beyond in their various roles. It’s been a great year and as we move forward, we plan to continue to take the time to celebrate our wins, our people and our roots. These people also personify our values and other traits that make it a pleasure to work with them.

Kelly Pronek – Innovation

Randy Spal – Fair

Catherine Kirk – Leadership

Ryan Farrell – Fast

Adriana Bokova – Simplicity

Milan Boruvka – MVP

Islam Kaddoumi – Flexible

Mandy Sumavska – Friendly

Tereza Jaorsova – Execution

AHM_Spirit Award Winners


What About You?

If you’re interested in working with some amazing people or joining a company that aims to be agile, celebrates our wins in style, and is leading the pricing software industry, then head over here to see if we have any positions for you.

Or if you’d like to find out more about who we are and what we do and how we can help you, check out this article, “Who is Pricefx and What Do You Do?




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