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B2C & Retail Enterprises: Is Pricing Software Right for You?

August 30th, 2023 | 8 min. read

By Jochen Schmidt

In the dynamic landscape of B2C and retail enterprises, pricing now holds the key to business success more than ever before. To gain a competitive edge and optimize profitability, bricks-and-mortar retailers, and e-commerce entrepreneurs alike the world over are embracing pricing software as a valuable tool. However, the question remains: How can you be certain that pricing software aligns with your organization’s needs and that it is a good fit for your business? In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the advantages of pricing software, specifically in contrast to manual pricing methods such as Microsoft Excel, enabling you to make an informed decision about its suitability for your business. 

For over a decade, Pricefx has been dedicated to supporting bricks-and-mortar retailers and e-commerce businesses in successfully implementing and maximizing the value of their pricing software solutions. In the face of the ever-changing and often challenging economic landscape, helping B2C businesses enhance consumer price perception and safeguard profit margins remains a huge part of what we do. Through the utilization of advanced, AI-powered pricing tools, we enable B2C enterprises to develop cohesive pricing strategies that simultaneously drive profitable success and foster positive customer satisfaction outcomes. 

So, let’s jump straight into a discussion of the role and world of pricing software in the B2C and enterprise-level sector. Join us as we examine the benefits of the technology and discuss why and how automating your organization’s pricing to replace your current manual pricing processes can boost your company’s bottom line.  

The Benefits of Pricing Software for B2C & Retail Businesses  

For most retailers and B2C enterprise-level companies, running your organization’s pricing department with the assistance of pricing software might seem to be an automatic decision, akin to something as natural and instinctive as providing a receipt to each of your customers after a sale. It feels like it should be straightforward and obvious – isn’t every business already doing that or they are currently in the process of implementing pricing software – right? 

Wrong. Unbelievably in March 2022 it was reported in a study by RSR Research that only 44% of retailers use pricing software in their business 

With those kinds of sparse numbers in pricing technology uptake, let’s take a few moments to remind ourselves of the benefits of pricing software technology and if your organization may benefit from a switch to automated pricing software rather than using outdated manual processes. 


Improved Pricing Precision and Efficiency 

Pricing software harnesses advanced algorithms and data analysis to deliver precise and optimized pricing recommendations. By considering market trends, competitor pricing, and customer behavior, pricing software empowers you to establish optimal prices for your products or services. In contrast to manual processes performed in programs like Microsoft Excel, pricing software automates intricate calculations and provides real-time insights. This ensures that your pricing decisions are based on the most up-to-date data, leading to enhanced precision and efficiency. 

Savings in Time and Costs   

The implementation of pricing software eliminates the need for manual data entry and repetitive calculations, resulting in critical time savings and reducing the risk of errors. With pricing software, you can streamline pricing processes, enabling your team to concentrate on strategic tasks such as market trend analysis, pricing strategy optimization, and customer engagement. Through the automation of pricing tasks, you can boost productivity and allocate resources to areas that foster business growth. 

Learn more on the costs to your business of not using pricing software in the article link directly below:


Real-Time Analysis and Market Visibility  

Pricing software offers real-time insights into market dynamics, enabling you to make well-informed pricing decisions. By analyzing market trends, customer behavior, and competitor pricing, you gain a deeper understanding of your market positioning and identify opportunities to optimize your pricing strategies. Unlike manual processes that rely almost exclusively on historical data and provide limited market visibility, pricing software equips you with up-to-date information, empowering you with up-to-date information, allowing you to stay ahead of your competition and respond swiftly to changing market conditions. 


Dynamic Pricing and Competitive Edge  

Pricing software empowers you to embrace dynamic pricing strategies, promptly responding to market fluctuations, demand patterns, and competitor activities. Unlike manual pricing processes, which are time-consuming and limited in their ability to swiftly adjust prices, pricing software allows you to adapt your prices dynamically. This flexibility enables you to stay competitive, capitalize on high-demand periods, and optimize revenue and profit margins. 

What’s more, automated web scraping can enhance your pricing software to assist your B2C or retail business in remaining competitive on price in close to real-time. 

What is Web-Scraping?

Web scraping refers to the extraction of data from any open source (including a website).

The information is collected and then exported into a format that is more useful for the user, such as a spreadsheet or an API that can be used in integration with your pricing software.

Find out more about web scraping by clicking on this handy article link:


Integration and Scalability 

Pricing software can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, such as e-commerce platforms, PIM (Product Information Management) systems and inventory management tools. This integration allows for efficient data exchange and eliminates manual data transfer between different systems.  

Check out this handy article to learn more about pricing software integration:


Additionally, pricing software is designed to scale with your business as it grows. Whether you expand nationally or globally, pricing software can accommodate an increasing number of products, customers, and channels while maintaining accuracy and efficiency. 

Deep Customer Insights  

Pricing software offers invaluable insights into product performance and preferences, allowing you to unlock a deeper understanding of your target audience. By analyzing data and identifying patterns, trends, and product roles and behaviors, you gain valuable knowledge that informs your pricing strategies. 

This understanding of your elasticity, price sensitivity, and purchasing patterns empowers you to tailor your pricing approach to meet their needs. You can deliver targeted pricing to different sales channels, regions or stores enhancing customer satisfaction and driving sales. With pricing software, you can tap into the power of customer trends to optimize your pricing strategies and stay ahead of the competition. 

Improved Regulatory Compliance  

Automated pricing processes can also empower easier compliance with regulations such as consumer protection laws (For example, The Omnibus Directive in the European Union), state taxes, audit trails etc. 

Most businesses have large volumes of data on different interfaces – meaning employees in separate locations may be using different processes. If an employee gets confused or any information goes unaccounted for, there is going to be a hiccup in your audit trail.  

Rather than multiple points of failure, any report can be scheduled on a regular and/or recurring basis (weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual etc.) and ensures the report will always be accurate. 

The Greatest Benefit of All – Why Pricing Software Automation is Superior to Manual Processes  

While manual pricing processes like Microsoft Excel have been widely used in the past, they come with limitations that can hinder your business’s pricing effectiveness and growth potential.  

Manual pricing processes, such as using spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel, can be time-consuming, error-prone, and limited in their capabilities. On the other hand, pricing software automates complex calculations, data analysis, and price adjustments, saving valuable time and reducing the chances of errors in addition to pointing out the areas where human interaction will make the greatest differences. With automation, you can streamline your pricing workflows, eliminating the need for manual data entry and repetitive tasks. This frees up your team’s time to focus on more strategic activities, such as analyzing market trends, optimizing pricing strategies, discovering points of value and profit that you never knew your business could enjoy and delivering the type of exceptional customer experiences that keeps clients returning to you repeatedly. 

Unlike manual processes that require manual updates and can lead to delays, pricing software automates the process of updating prices based on predefined rules and triggers. This ensures that your pricing is always up-to-date and aligned with market dynamics, competitor activities, and customer behavior.  

By automating pricing adjustments, you can seize opportunities to optimize your pricing strategies, capture additional value, and maintain a competitive edge in the fast-paced e-commerce landscape. 

How to Get Started – Get Your Pricing Software Ducks in a Row 

Now you know that the pricing automation can help make your B2C or retail business not only more efficient, but also more profitable, you’re probably wondering how to get started on your pricing software journey. 

At Pricefx over the last decade and more, we have assisted a multitude of businesses to select and configure the pricing tools they require to meet their unique set of business objectives.  

To learn more about everything your business will need to do before contacting us or indeed, any pricing software vendor, check out the article below to begin compiling your checklist:

Or if your company already has everything organized to begin your pricing software journey, talk to one of our pricing experts today to get started. 

Happy Pricing! 


Jochen Schmidt

Freelance Pricing Professional

Jochen Schmidt has over a decade of experience in strategy consultancy and advisory in addition to pricing and software. Over 7 years with Pricefx, he held several positions including Solution Strategist Manager for the EMEA region and spearheading the global retail industry team as a subject matter expert. Throughout his career he has held various positions at specialized consulting companies, providing value to clients by advising on pricing strategies and implementing pricing software. In his free time, he is a passionate cook, beach volleyball and volleyball player, spending most of his vacations travelling and hiking.