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The Bain Accelerators

September 8th, 2020 (Updated 06/20/2023) | 2 min. read

By Matt Dawood

Unlock Bain’s Leading IP Powered by Pricefx Technology


A few months ago, Pricefx released its exclusive accelerators designed to supercharge your implementationWe’re now launching three new accelerators with Bain & Company, the first such partner developed accelerators from Pricefx that are unlike any solution in the marketplace today. 

Companies who lose profit and often struggle with pricing can leverage pricing best practices taken from a wide variety of industries. These standardized, prepackaged solutions remove the friction and delay in getting started and seeing value fast.  

The Bain Accelerators help companies improve their pricing disciplines to identify key sources of margin leakage, optimized promotion management, and gain control of frontline discounting. 

Clients gain the benefit of world-class software in combination with Bain & Company’s pricing expertise to rapidly diagnose and implement effective pricing software and strategies into existing workflows 

The Bain accelerators are powered by an advanced AI, proprietary Bain machine-learning algorithms, and best in class UI/UX to help drive sales representatives’ behavior, as well as optimized approval flows and processes, and change management to drive adoption. 

With these prepackaged, purpose-built software solutions, you can see value in as little as 12 weeks!


Meet the Bain Accelerators 

Pricing Leakage Stopper Accelerator  

The Pricing Leakage Stopper Accelerator identifies the sizes and root-causes of price-leakage – the first step on the journey to full-potential pricing. 

  • Shows key sources of leakage 
  • Identifies unprofitable customer segments and product types 
  • Optimizes gross-to-net investments
  • Sizes opportunities to help prioritize leaks to patch  

Promotions and Markdowns Accelerator  

The Promotions and Markdowns Accelerator combines advanced AI optimization powered demand forecasting to find optimal prices and markdowns. 

  • Leverages Bain AI-optimization-engine to find optimal prices/markdowns 
  • Real-time scenarios simulation on the impact of markdown on the selected product group / SKU
  • Usage of Machine-Learning technique for demand forecasting 
  • Intuitive User Interface providing pricing recommendations and decision support tools  

Dynamic Deal Guidance Accelerator 

The DDG accelerator aims to provide frontline B2B sales representatives with deal-specific target price guidance based on important attributes that impact pricing, such as important customer, product, and buying attributes.  

  • Leverages machine-learning to analyze transaction history 
  • Integrates into frontline workflows 
  • Offers discount guidance and cross-sell recommendations 
  • Reduces discounting variability  

Ready for real results, really fast?  Connect with our sales team now. 

Matt Dawood

Partner Marketing Manager , Pricefx