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Pricefx improves user experience and enhances existing capabilities in its latest major release

January 24th, 2022 (Updated 06/20/2023)

By Lukas Sirucek

Pricing isn’t an easy task to manage. Pricing efficiently and wisely is even harder.

At Pricefx, we want to help pricing experts manage and optimize their prices at scale, in a fast and intuitive way. In order to do that,  we need to continuously improve and develop our solution to meet our customers’ needs.

In our latest release Godfather 8.0 (available January 23rd, 2022), we’re significantly improving our user’s experience on the platform, plus we’re introducing new functionalities that will support pricing and sales professionals achieving their objectives.

Below are the most important updates coming with the new release:

  • Improved user experience: Making our user’s experience on the Pricefx application more intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Enhancements to existing capabilities: New versions of Quoting (QuoteConfigurator) and Rebates (RebateManager) are now available, making them faster and easier to use.
  • Simulation for Optimization: Our Optimization capability is one that we continue to innovate in. This time we’ve added a new feature that allows users to simulate a pricing change and see its impact on their business’s KPIs
  • PreRelease of Sales Compensation: This brand new capability will, as the name states, enable users to manage and calculate their sales team’s compensation, all within the Pricefx application.

Let’s cover each of these updates in detail:

Improved user experience

This is something we’ve been working on relentlessly and continue to improve at Pricefx. We want to make sure our customers can easily use our solution, which is why we’ve focused on the two aspects below with this release:

  • We reorganized the main menu making it easier to navigate and more logical.
  • We renamed our capabilities so that the names resonate with all our customers.

Enhancements to existing capabilities

Our aim with the new version of Quoting (aka QuoteConfigurator) and Rebates (aka RebateManager) was to provide faster results with fewer clicks. And we did just that. Creating and managing a quote or a rebate agreement on Pricefx can now be done in a much faster and more intuitive way, saving our users time and helping them be more efficient in their day-to-day activities on the platform.

Watch what’s new in Quoting and Rebates

Introduction of Simulation for Optimization

At Pricefx, we always considered our Optimization capability as one of our key differentiators which is why we don’t stop investing in its development. With Simulation, our customers are able to see a simulation of the business impact of any pricing change that they are considering.

This is especially useful for customers that regularly change their product prices or their costs: they’ll be able to know ahead of time how it will impact their profit, margin, waterfall, and more!

Sounds too good to be true? Check out this video that explains how it works.

Pre-release of Sales Compensation

Finally, we’re pre-releasing a new functionality “Sales Compensation” which will enable users to administrate and calculate compensation agreements, plus it would give sales agents visibility on their compensation level.

Only a selected group of customers will have access to it at first as we continue to develop it and improve it before its official launch in June/July 2022.

We’re really excited about Sales Compensation since we’d be the first pricing solution to offer such functionality, making our platform even more complete for pricing and sales professionals.

For more information about the release, visit our landing page here.

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Lukas Sirucek

VP Product Management , Pricefx

Lukas Sirucek is the Pricefx VP of Product Management and is based in the Czech Republic. Lukas is a former developer, product owner and an agile leader, currently dedicated to working in an amazing software company and contributing to shaping it into the best pricing and optimization software in the world. And doing it all with a smile.