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How the Best B2B Businesses Achieve Pricing Excellence

March 19th, 2021 (Updated 03/24/2021)

How to Achieve Pricing Excellence in a B2B Environment


David Burns and Chuck Davenport, partners at Bain & Company, share their experience about helping B2B organizations get the most out of their pricing. According to David, no matter where any company is in the pricing maturity model, there are always a few 100 hundred points of value available. In this talk, David and Chuck, explore the main features of pricing excellence based on data collected from 2000 B2B companies. 

B2B Companies Achieve Pricing Excellence 

Find Out: 

  • Which 16 pricing levers any organization needs to be aware and in control of to achieve pricing excellence 
  • How to clarify company objectives so that your pricing strategy can be clear and focused 
  • How to motivate outperformers so that their incentives are meaningful and will, therefore, motivate them to continue to outperform  

Pearls of Pricing Wisdom

Your pricing gurus in this talk are… 

Chuck Davenport is an Expert Vice President in Bain & Company’s Atlanta office. He is a leader in Bain’s Customer Strategy & Marketing practice with expertise in Bain Pricing. Chuck is a guest lecturer at Cornell University, Yale University, UNC Chapel Hill, Duke University and Emory University on pricing and profitability management as well as customer strategy. 

David Burns is a partner at Bain & Company’s Chicago Office. He’s the leader of the firm’s’ Energy and Natural Resources practice. He earned an MBA from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business and graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a double major in mechanical engineering and economics. 





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