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Introducing Pricefx Plan, Price and Profit

March 30th, 2021 (Updated 05/27/2021) | 4 min. read

By Pricefx

Clarifying Our Offering and Doubling Down on Our Commitment 

Leonardo da Vinci believed that simplicity was the ultimate sophistication… and so do we. 

That’s why we’ve significantly simplified our commercial offering, letting the true advantages and benefits of being a Pricefx customer shine through of their own accord. We’ve sharpened our focus on the challenges you face every day and clarified how our solution can help you overcome them. 

So, What’s New? 

A Simplified Three-Package Offering 

Our new commercial model now clearly segments our offering into three stackable packages that empower you with agility, datadriven productivity and profitability at every step of your pricing journey.   

  • Pricefx Plan brings an accurate overview of your pricing and data to help you identify optimal margins and pricing opportunities, enabling rapid analysis of your business with actionable pricing and profit insights. 
  • Pricefx Price allows you to use AI and algorithms to organize your pricing into segments and easily create an unlimited number of price strategies, calculations and simulations to test and define your pricing policies based on business-critical factors and real-world constraints 
  • Pricefx Profit empowers your sales teams to answer sales inquiries with unmatched response times and create fast and error-free quotes, contracts, promotions and rebates using sophisticated CPQ technology and AI-powered pricing simulations and calculations. 

“With this much-simplified, value focused set of packaged solutions, Pricefx continues to put solving our customers business challenges at the top of our strategic agenda.” 

– Toby Davidson, Chief Product 

The Industry’s First Subscription-free Analytics   

At Pricefx, we believe that any pricing provider truly committed to powering the successful growth strategy of its customers through pricing technology would not charge a premium for activating customer data and transforming it into actionable insights. 

World-class analytics and the dashboards to support them are the nuts and bolts to any company’s pricing profit rocket, so that’s why we’re doing away with subscription costs for our customers to start unlocking and analyzing their data. 

The Pricefx Plan package, with its Accelerators for rapid activation of CRM and sales transaction data, other than any necessary set-up costs, now comes free – meaning, no recurring payments or time limitations for use, just powerful analytics on tap. 

We believe in this principle so strongly that we urge you to ask any pricing solution providers you’re looking at why they demand such a high price for their analytics solutions when Pricefx considers it your basic prerequisite for pricing success. 

“By loading each of our three new packages with tons of commercial value and making our Plan package subscription free, we’re doubling down on our commitment to rapid time to value and driving profitable growth, easily and efficiently.” 

Benchmarking and AI Optimization Included   

PricefxPlasma™, our solution that provides industry-level benchmarking to B2B enterprise companies that need to gather strategic insights on their pricing processes and performance, now comes free for all participating customers with the Price and Profit packages. 

As do our AI price optimization capabilities, which enable the processing of millions of data points and the guarantee of the customer-centricity of your pricing through machine-learning algorithms. 

The Profit package also comes with an industry-specific CPQ as well as Velo, our best-in-class value estimation and large-deal negotiation and contract management tool that helps you drive more value out of complex deals. 

And, of course, standard Cloud hosting as well as platform connectivity and integration comes out of the box with all packages. 

A New Dedicated Focus on Our Big Four 

We’ve learned a lot over the past couple of years (haven’t we all?), and we’re excited to be placing a spotlight on four key vertical industry sectors: 

  • Discrete Manufacturing 
  • Chemical and Process Industry 
  • Distribution 
  • Food and Beverage 

We’ve homed in on industry stakeholder roles and part of the experience of our brand-new website is the highly relevant content, case studies and product value information that talk specifically to companies in these sectors. 

New in Approach, Traditional in Value 

Though we’re working out new ways to simplify and improve your life, you can trust that our commitment to rapid time-to-value, short implementations, delighted customers and outstanding pricing outcomes are always close to our heart and key to who we are. 

I’m sure Leo would agree that the ultimate sophistication a pricing solution vendor can provide is customer-centric simplicity. 

And this is our promise to you: pricing intelligence and sophistication, wrapped in intuitive software, designed to propel you to success by enabling you to plan, price and profit. 

What could be simpler? 


We’re passionate about pricing and that’s why we’re committed to delivering the best-in-class pricing software to boost your profitability and increase your market share.