Introducing Vesper 6.0

Discover all of the groundbreaking product enhancement in our biggest release ever!

We’ve reimagined pricing. Again.

With Vesper, we set out to make our industry-leading platform even better. This required us to go back to the drawing board, as the team reimagined nearly every part of the Pricefx platform, from the front-end user experience to the back-end infrastructure. Today, we are excited to introduce Vesper 6.0, our biggest product release to date. With a sleek new UI, AI-driven price optimization and pre-defined solution building blocks, Pricefx now enables customers to price more effectively and get more done with fewer clicks.

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Say hello to the new face of Pricefx.

Pricefx is now more streamlined, powerful, and agile than ever before. A newly redesigned UI unifies the platform and simplifies workflows. Next-gen price optimization powered by an industry-first multi-agent AI engine enables far more realistic pricing strategy. And pre-defined solution building blocks make it fast and easy to roll out new functionality, reducing deployment costs and accelerating value.

Unity UI

Sleek, unified and customizable new UI for a more streamlined user experience

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Next-gen price optimization powered by machine learning and multi-agent AI

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Pre-defined solution building blocks with industry best-practice functionality

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Unity Responsive UI

Streamlined navigation

Get more done even faster, with everything you need right at your fingertips.

Improved flexibility

Customize your Pricefx application to work the way you do.

Simplified workflows

Use a single application that works across multiple platforms and devices.

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Transparent & intuitive

Deliver pricing and deal guidance that you can really stand behind.

Real-world optimization

Achieve realistic pricing strategy that works in the real world.

Fast & flexible

Save time and effort with a modern, flexible approach to price optimization.

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The industry’s first price optimization engine powered by predictive machine learning and multi-agent AI.

Pricefx Accelerators

Rapid deployment

Roll out new functionality and industry best practices even faster.

Pre-built integrations

Quickly and easily connect the Pricefx platform with SAP S/4HANA.

Pre-configured dashboards

Hit the ground running with best-in-class sales and customer analytics.

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