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Pricefx Brings Home Gold Enterprise Product of the Year – Best in Biz Awards

December 6th, 2019 (Updated 06/20/2023) | 6 min. read

By Pricefx

Pricefx Wins Gold in Best in Biz Award for Enterprise Product of the Year  Sales Software  

Pricefx has been named a gold winner in Enterprise Product of the Year  Sales Software in the Best in Biz Awards, the only independent business awards program judged by prominent editors and reporters from top-tier publications in North America. 

With more than 700 entries, the 9th annual program attracted a record number of entries from an impressive array of public and private companies of all sizes and spanning all geographic regions and industries in the U.S. and Canada. Each year, winners in Best in Biz Awards are determined based on scoring from independent judging panels assembled from some of the most respected newspapers, TV and radio outlets, and business, consumer, technology and trade publications in North America. 

Combining top editors’ and reporters’ unparalleled expertise and experience with the objectivity inherent in the journalistic ethos and further enhanced by the breadth and variety of outlets represented on the panel, Best in Biz Awards is uniquely able to determine the best of the best from among the hundreds of entries.   

How Pricefx Helps Sales Perform Even Better  


The performance of your pricing and profitability does not have to be a mystery. Use PriceAnalyzer to analyze both real and simulated pricing strategies and set the benchmarks of your success. If you want to inspect the performance of your customers so you can determine which customers are underperforming, then run an analysis to discover if there is a correlation between underperforming customers and members of your sales team, region, product set and also pinpoint the cause of this with a price waterfall. You can also analyze quotes as they are being negotiated with Inline Analytics for Quoting.

In addition, gather insights in real-time and visualize them using intuitive dashboards. After gaining these insights, use them to set up your pricing strategies and tactics in PriceBuilder, which can act as the center for your pricing. 


What does price optimization mean for your business? For some businesses, it might mean that you want to optimize your market share and in other cases, optimization might refer to your profit. Anyone who wants to delve into price optimization will start to realize that it spans a wide spectrum of topics, strategies, and processes because it touches on so many aspects of the pricing strategy loop. 

PriceOptimizer allows you to create repeatable processes, catering to a broad set of business requirements and use cases, in one place, including various activities such as market segmentation and deal guidance. With PriceOptimizer, you can segment your markets, customers and products and optimize prices for each of those segments. But we know that optimization isn’t limited to the confines of your computer. Providing pricing guidance to your team out in the field means the quotes they create are based on your optimization goals. What’s more, you can leverage our bi-directional data flow from the Pricefx Platform to feed data automatically.  


Define the parameters of your pricing strategy based on criteria that are suited to your business and its needswhich can then be further defined by the segments you choose. The best thing is that you can set your pricing loose on the world with confidence by creating product, price and deal simulations that reveal the impact of your discounts and offers on your bottom line. Our Live Price Grid makes it possible for you to calculate prices for real-time or dynamic pricing based on a variety of factors that you set. With PriceBuilder, you can define your pricing policy, create price guidelines, simulate gross, special and net prices, including algorithmic optimization and house both static and dynamic price lists. Everything you need to optimize how your pricing strategy and tactics operate in the field. 


Define on-invoice discounts, including special conditions such as a limited promotion or buy X for the price of Z, with ease and accuracy, no matter the complexity. With our dashboards, you can monitor promotions and cancel, approve or change them in real-time. You can also match the efficiency of a product by customer or other varablePromotionManger covers a host of complex scenarios, including: 

  • Discounts at different customer and/or product hierarchies.  
  • Price promotions and campaigns.  
  • Net prices, mainly in connection with the structures defined in backend ERP systems.  
  • All kinds of special price conditions.  
  • Customer or product-specific overviews of all existing conditions or special prices. 


Help your sales team to create quotes quickly based on the parameters that you set. With QuoteConfigurator, the Pricefx CPQ module, we put the Capital P in CPQ. Your sales and customer service team will be able to guide sales, configure products and services, and up-sell and cross-sell based on similar and popular products associated with a quote they are putting together using PriceOptimizer for guidance. Create proposals, answers to price inquiries and preparations for negotiations quickly and efficiently. With QuoteConfigurator, you place the power of your price and margins during negotiations back in your hands and stop leaving money on the table.  


Define, calculate, and manage special off-invoice conditions while ensuring transparency. Because RebateManager will become the center of this process of operations, this makes the pay-out process easier. It is also possible to monitor accruals of rebates so that the accruals are paid out reasonably. With RebateManager you can: 

  • Centrally define Rebate Types that will be used locally.  
  • Make a forecast on paid out rebates based on previous performance.  
  • Approve and manage customer-specific bonus and rebate agreements.  
  • Calculate bonuses and rebates based on the actual performance.  
  • Create rebate records that will be sent to other systems, e.g., for payouts and accruals.  


ChannelManager gives you the ability to automate and validate ship & debit claims in any industry and country. Addressing some of the most common problems encountered during the reconciliation process, ChannelManager guarantees a more streamlined system with longterm cost savings and improved customer satisfaction.   

PFX Platform  

One of the factors that makes Pricefx unique is the PFX Cloud-Connected Platform, which allows you to integrate all your pricing solutions with third-party systems as needed, deploy managed packages, accelerators, and monitor performance and usage and handle any integration errors when connecting to third party software or data sources and targets.

PriceFX and You  

Pricefx is the global leader in holistic price optimization, management and realization software. As the only true cloud-native SaaS solution, our product is flexible to suit the needs of B2B and B2C companies regardless of size, regardless of industry and regardless of your location. The cornerstone of our business model focuses heavily on the loyalty and retention of our customers based purely on their satisfaction. We currently deliver our products successfully to over 120 satisfied clients in over 37 countries across the globe. For more information, request a demo of our pricing solutions. 



We’re passionate about pricing and that’s why we’re committed to delivering the best-in-class pricing software to boost your profitability and increase your market share.