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Pricefx Evolves to Enterprise Grade Platform

May 19th, 2019 (Updated 06/20/2023) | 2 min. read

By Pricefx

Our brand is evolving and so is our platform. IntegrationManager is  now built into the PFX Platform, unlocking the true connected power of our full range of solutions without needing a stand alone module! This means users can now harness the full power of Pricefx at a lower total cost of ownership and with even faster time-to-value.

IntegrationManager is now PFX Platform. Yes, you read that right, our long-standing integration solution transformed to an enterprise grade Platform for seamless integration capabilities across the entire Pricefx solutions suite. You still get the same great functionality and connectivity between all of our suite of products and your back-end applications, now also allowing you to connect with your CRM and eCommerce systems utilizing standard connectors..

However, unlike beauty, our name change is more than skin deep. So, what’s new?

PFX Platform no longer is a standalone module. Our customers that subscribe to any of our core products: PriceAnalyzer, PromotionManager, RebateManager, QuoteConfigurator, PriceBuilder or PriceOptimizer now have instant access to PFXPlatform at no extra cost.

This seismic shift means that users of the platform will:

  1. Lower their cost of ownership for the Pricefx solution
  2. Decrease time-to-value
  3. Easily integrate Pricefx solutions into their organization
  4. Have full and unlimited access to the standard connectors available on the platform, so that they are not held back by a lack of connectivity
  5. Select, download and configure prebuild pricing IP – algorithms, data sets, guidance, templates, models and starter kits.
  6. Easily import and manage pricing master data across all of the Pricefx modules
  7. Create and run workflows as well as download and easily deploy pre-configured dashboards.

Being or becoming a Pricefx customer just got cooler and more valuable by a quantum leap.

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