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Pricefx Is Proud to Be an SAP Gold Partner

September 25th, 2019 (Updated 06/20/2023) | 4 min. read

By Pricefx

Pricefx is a gold-level partner in the SAP® PartnerEdge® Build program, indicating its standing as a highly valued partner for price optimization solutions in the SAP App Center. We are the first ISV to reach this level for Build, which demonstrates the strong demand for innovative cloud-based pricing solutions. Read more about our SAP Gold Partner Status here.

With Pricefx closing the most total SAP App Center transactions of any SAP partner, we have opportunities spanning North America, Latin America and EMEA. The SAP App Center provides customers with real-time access to more than 1,900 innovative partner solutions that complement and extend their SAP solutions, enabling the digital transformation of their business.

Helping SAP Customers Activate Innovative and Business-Driving Functionality

As Patrick Adams, Chief Revenue Officer of Pricefx, explains, “SAP’s strength in delivering market-leading enterprise application software is amplified by a platform that enables an ecosystem of partners like Pricefx to bring innovative software solutions to customers in order to improve profitability. In our partnership with SAP, Pricefx is able to offer a fast, flexible way for customers to optimize their pricing process, increase revenue and ultimately drive more profit within their SAP workflows.”

Frank Schoutissen, Global Head of Channel & Alliances at SAP CX adds, “In the SAP App Center, customers around the world can discover, try, buy, deploy and manage applications developed by our partners, knowing that each app has been tested for quality and certified for integration with SAP solutions. Pricefx has emerged as a leader within this model, showing both the value of their pricing solution and the desire for SAP customers to activate innovative, business driving functionality within the SAP App Center ecosystem.”

Not One but Three Offerings in the SAP App Center!

A leader in price optimization, Pricefx supports certified integrations to SAP Commerce and Sales Clouds with three offerings in the SAP App Center: Optimized Algorithmic Pricing (OAP), Optimized Dynamic Pricing and Optimized Promotions and Rebates. OAP is purpose-built for SAP customers with certified connectors for SAP C/4HANA, Sales Cloud and Commerce Cloud, and provides unique insights into how pricing impacts profitability across products, customer segments, sales channels and geographic regions. It offers complete control over the price-setting process with an easy-to-use and transparent calculation engine that can be adjusted on the fly by business users.

Optimized Dynamic Pricing, which is integrated with SAP Commerce Cloud, calculates prices in real-time based on a predefined set of business rules and modern price optimization algorithms using machine learning techniques. The solution enables organizations to achieve and maintain pricing excellence through dynamic, relevant price changes. Pricefx’s Optimized Promotions and Rebates streamlines the definition, optimization, simulation, calculation, management, approval, and initiation of payments of promotions and rebates as well as helps establish full transparency across the entire price waterfall.

Ongoing Commitment Delivering Consistent Business Value

We view Pricefx’s status as an SAP Gold Partner as confirmation of our commitment to providing a suite of pricing tools designed to deliver consistent business value to you, our customers. Pricefx’s seamless integration with SAP’s ERP system provides your sales team with unmatched response times to pricing inquiries and quote creations with optimal pricing.

Key Takeaways:

  • SAP Gold Partnership status means Pricefx has been stringently tested and proven to deliver consistent business value
  • You can enjoy the freedom to achieve and maintain pricing excellence through dynamic, relevant price changes.
  • Use our expertise to ensure our solution works seamlessly with SAP’s ERP systems

Gold Partners Bring Trust

Being a Gold Partner means we have passed a number of stringent assessments. You can interpret our Gold Partner status as a stamp of approval that you are working with a partner who can help you achieve your pricing goals, and then surpass them.

Bringing You More Control, Faster

Integrating SAP’s Commerce Cloud with Pricefx’s customizable SaaS solution, Optimized Dynamic Pricing, gives you the power to react faster to changing market conditions and calculate prices in real-time using powerful machine-learning techniques.

SAP Integration With Pricefx

Adjust, Control, Optimize and Deliver

Optimized Dynamic Pricing’s powerful analytics capabilities allow you to actively monitor all price changes, market reactions and revenue, margin and volume improvements to make informed adjustments.

Helping You to Achieve More

As an SAP-certified Gold Partner, our solutions dually process terabytes of data, millions of transactions and historical price points to provide you with world-class customer and product segmentation. And as every project has unique needs, we work closely with you to adjust our solution to your exact requirements.


We’re passionate about pricing and that’s why we’re committed to delivering the best-in-class pricing software to boost your profitability and increase your market share.