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Pricefx Only Pricing Software to be Named Product of the Year – Sammy

July 27th, 2021 (Updated 06/20/2023) | 3 min. read

By Pricefx

Pricefx Product of the Year

Pricefx just won the prestigious Sales and Marketing Technology award (SAMMY) from the Business Intelligence Group (BIG) in the category of Product of the Year. There are a lot of awards and honors out there but not many are crowd-sourced. This means that applicants are judged by a panel of experienced professionals in their respective fields. Simply put, they know what works for them and would probably have a very good idea of what could work for you. After all, if you’re going to put resources towards a solution, you want to make sure that it’s been vetted by people who understand your needs and wants and how the solution can help you to reach your goals. Read more about the SAMMY here. 

Companies spend between 6% and 47% of their budget on sales and marketing alone. And it’s no wonder – sales along with marketing drive awareness and are usually one of the first points of interaction a potential client or customer will have with your company. So, with all the resources that you put into sales and marketing, don’t you want to give your teams the tools to succeed?

A Pricing Product of the Year that’s Fast, Flexible, and Friendly 

Fast –  

Sales or marketing – it doesn’t matter. Everyone wants the same thing – speed. The speed that enables you and everyone on your team to close deals or adjust prices according to fluctuating market conditions. Luckily Pricefx’s suite of products is designed with that in mind. As the first cloud-native solution, our modules are designed to be implemented quickly and tools like Live Price Grid, Quote Configurator, Price Analyzer, and more places the power in your hands.  

Flexible – 

We understand that to be competitive, you have to be agile and able to adjust to external forces as needed. Flexibility is a concept not often associated with first-generation pricing software. In reality, most pricing solutions are anything but – expensive, resource-intensive and difficult to customize when the market requires swift adaptation. At times, they’re designed solely for the sake of complexity. And yet, flexibility is exactly what the pricing (sales and marketing by extension) industry needs.  Flexibility also means being able to integrate with your present tech stack in a way that is seamless. Pricefx’s PlatformManager makes it possible for you to integrate with any 3-rd party ERP that you use – helping you to drive results that matter.

Friendly – 

The last thing you want as you look to implement software that will elevate the way you already do business is to be bogged down by lengthy agreements that are hard to get out of. Pricefx offers lightweight contracts and monthly subscriptions so that you only work with us if you are happy. Furthermore, our customer teams are dedicated to working alongside you to make sure that you get maximum value, quickly. 


Are you ready to use the pricing software that the Business Intelligence Group named Product of the Year? Contact us for more details by starting the conversation with FX our friendly neighborhood chatbot. 



We’re passionate about pricing and that’s why we’re committed to delivering the best-in-class pricing software to boost your profitability and increase your market share.