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Pricefx Raises $65 Million in Series C Funding Led By Apax Digital

July 14th, 2020 (Updated 11/20/2022) | 4 min. read

By Marcin Cichon

Dear valued Customers, Partners, Friends and Pricefx Family, 

It is with great excitement and humble gratitude that I’m announcing the latest milestone in the growth of our incredible company, a $65m Series C investment from our new partners at APAX Digital, supported by our existing investors Digital+ Partners. 

Given what I remember thinking and feeling in the early days of starting the companyit’s hard to believe where we are today and that we were able to raise $130m of venture capital to date.  Founding Pricefx just shy of 10 years ago, I perhaps dreamed that one day our great company would grow to become large and strong enough to achieve a moment such as this, but to actually be living it is truly beyond my wildest dreams, and those of you in the Family know I often say Im living my dream. 

It is my humble belief that the recipe for success of any business is based on core fundamental principles of (1) strong differentiation, (2) true customer-centricity, (3) excellence in everything you do, and (4) passion, and Pricefx fulfills all of the criteria.  Deep down I always knew that by following those principles we would create a powerful, game-changing company and become highly innovative and effective at solving the problems I saw across our industry.  Backed by outstanding company culture and unique product we would ultimately become a superpower that delivers a disruptive change across the entire pricing industry. 

Today, with this announcement the vision has come to life, and could not be more optimistic about what the road ahead holds for our company, our products, our customers and partners. Our solutions continue to lead the pricing industry in both innovation and real monetary value delivered to our end customers.  The cloud-native foundations of our software grants us the freedom to continually unlock dramatic new capabilities such as our recently launched Lightning, the rapid enablement package, powered by our totally unique Accelerators.  Today, Pricefx is a true innovation powerhouse on clear mission and fulfilling the noble cause of “bringing pricing software to the people”, through making it accessible, adaptable, user friendlyvalue adding, and above all, affordable.  This investment will allow us to continue to break down barriers and further advance our mission to make Pricing less elitist and more available to all companies who seek to grow through powerful pricing excellence. 

Behind that, and as with any investment, are the people who make it happen.  Today I see our core F-Words values: Fast, Flexible, and Friendly; being lived each day through the tireless efforts and amazing talents and skills of our global team.  By living these values each day, we’re building products that ultimately deliver these promises to our customers in real, tangible ways that they notice and appreciate! 

I am incredibly proud of the company we’ve become, of our ability to face and overcome uniquely challenging times, and to stand today prepared for the exciting next phase of growth for our customers and the Family Thank you, APAX Digital, Digital+ Partners, Bain & Company, Credo Ventures, and Talis Capital for believing in our vision, thank you, our customers for your continued trust and confidence in us, and thank you, Pricefx Family for your dedication and #PassionForPricing, and working with me to build a company that we can all be proud of. 


P.S. Here’s a very brief walk down memory lane.



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Marcin Cichon

CEO and Co-founder , Pricefx

Marcin has over 20 years in software and software consultancy with a proven track record in establishing and growing businesses. You can usually find him at any Pricefx office in his now inseparable & iconic red shoes.

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