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March 19th, 2021 (Updated 03/24/2021) | 1 min. read

What We Can Learn from the Rise of the Microbrewery and the Beer Industry

At Accelerate 2018 in Berlin, Ted Hartnell explores and attempts to give answers to the age-old question: Is beer a commodity? By exploring the history of the beer industry, Ted provides insight into how despite prohibition breweries moved from a geographically-limited venture to four breweries that sell beer to consumers all around the States. Despite the hold that the four breweries have, there has been an increase in microbreweries that bring the story of the beer industry full circle.

In this talk you will explore:

  • The four phases that many goods in several industries take from specialized product to commodity
  • How marketing and competition unsettles the status quo and where you can perhaps start to rethink your products
  • If there is room in your industry and market to lift prices, leverage pricing power, and command more margins