Applying a Change Management Perspective to Digital Transformation 

September 8th, 2020 (Updated 03/24/2021) 5 min read


Digital Transformation – Why It’s Vitally Important to Pricing

January 27th, 2021 (Updated 03/24/2021) 1 min read

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Embracing Pandemic-Driven Change in Business

January 12th, 2021 (Updated 03/23/2021) 6 min read


The Business Intelligence That’s Essential for E-commerce

August 5th, 2019 (Updated 03/23/2021) 6 min read

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The Four Models You Need For Change Management

August 1st, 2019 (Updated 03/23/2021) 5 min read


What Are the Phases of a Project’s Life Cycle?

July 25th, 2019 (Updated 03/23/2021) 5 min read


How Process and Change Management Drives Price Transformation Success

May 8th, 2019 (Updated 03/24/2021) 0 min read


What Is Digital Transformation and How to Scope A Project with Confidence

July 24th, 2019 (Updated 03/23/2021) 7 min read


Resistance Is Useless: 7 Steps to Getting Digital Transformation Buy-In

July 23rd, 2019 (Updated 03/23/2021) 9 min read