RIP Clayton: Disruptive Innovation in Enterprise Software

February 27th, 2020 (Updated 03/23/2021)

Gabriel Smith
Chief Evangelist at Pricefx

Remembering the Legacy of Clayton Christensen and Disruptive Innovation in Enterprise Software   The passing of Clayton Christensen was a blow to the business world, but his legacy of disruptive innovation lives on. If you have not, I recommend reading Innovator’s Dilemma. It is one of the most influential business theories of our day and changed the thinking of many business leaders, including Steve Jobs, Andy Grove from Intel, and Marc Andreesen, which he discusses with Christensen in this Startup Grind video here. For those that are not familiar with the concept of disruptive innovation, it is defined by Christensen...

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6 Reasons Why the Cloud is the Future of Pricing Software  

February 13th, 2020 (Updated 04/08/2021)

Tolu Oke
Content Marketer at Pricefx

Is Cloud the Future of Pricing Software? Yes, Here Are 6 Reasons Why. By next year, 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud. Its growth since its inception has been staggering. It has worked its way into every corner of our personal and professional lives, and, as such, cannot be ignored by businesses in any industry or of any size.   The term ‘cloud’ was coined just 13 years ago, and yet “…we can expect cloud computing to quickly evolve, and become so ubiquitous, that the concepts we label as ‘cloud’ will simply be known as ‘computing’.”    Companies must wake up to the powerful...

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Pricing Software: The On-premise vs. Cloud Battleground Explored 

August 22nd, 2019 (Updated 03/23/2021)

Duncan Hendy

The Cloud has been a somewhat disruptive force, showing year-on-year growth   since its introduction. 90% of companies are already in the Cloud with 89% of companies using software as a service (SaaS). And it is estimated that 94% of workloads in 2021 will be processed by Cloud data centers.  But WHY? Do the benefits of Cloud computing really translate into business success metrics and are they relevant for all organizations? Are they worth the hassle and price tag? What about the security risks?   These questions have been around for a while, so let’s take a closer look at the battlefield...

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