How to Protect Your Organization from a Data Breach – 2020

October 8th, 2019 (Updated 03/23/2021)

Duncan Hendy

Defending Your Company Against Data Breaches A recent report by Risk Based Security (RBS) reveals that there have already been 3,800 data breaches in the first half of 2019, exposing over 4.1 billion records. Over the last four years, there has been at least a 50% increase in data breaches!  What is a Data Breach?  A data breach is a security incident where confidential information is exposed to unauthorized parties. It could be accidental or intentional and may also be referred to as a data leak, data spill, or information leakage.   The International Standards of IT security (ISO/IEC 27040) and the GDPR define a data breach...

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Why Your Organization Should Be Concerned About Data Integrity 

October 7th, 2019 (Updated 03/23/2021)

Tolu Oke
Content Marketer at Pricefx

Why Data Integrity Is Crucial to Your Organization  Data is currently being generated and collected at unprecedented rates. According to IBM, 90% of world’s data was collected in the last two years. Every business activity now leaves a digital trace. Due to these rapid technological advances, data is now widely recognized as the new commodity in the global economy.   In this article, I will discuss the following:  Definitions: Data quality, data integrity and data security   Why is data integrity important?  Threats to data integrity   Data integrity management   How to ensure data integrity and data security  Limitations of traditional data quality management systems  Why your organization needs to integrate its systems and prioritize data integrity  Data Quality  Organizations rely on high quality data for business development and decision-making. They...

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