How to Still Close Deals Even When Working Remotely

March 25th, 2020 (Updated 03/24/2021)

Lukas Sirucek
Product Manager at Pricefx

Working from Home Might Be Nothing New but Companies That Embrace It Profit  In the light of the current global health crisis, big tech companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Amazon have asked their employees to work from home (as have Ford, General Motors, and Unilever).  According to the Financial Times, some companies are testing their ability to go fully remote – KPMG have had all 8,000 London staff working from home since Friday last week.   Classes and lectures are being delivered via the Internet, online shopping and food delivery are booming, even religious services are happening via a live feed.  And as companies of all sizes try to prevent spreading the virus among employees and those they come into face-to-face contact with, their “working...

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