Explaining Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning in Price Optimization Software

May 9th, 2022 (Updated 05/10/2022)

Guillaume Dupont
Solution Architect & Data Scientist - Presales in Solution Strategy at Pricefx

Explaining Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning in Price Optimization Software Setting the right price for your company’s goods or services is always a tricky question to solve. What pricing strategy your business adopts will depend on your business objectives. One part of your business may seek to maximize profitability on each unit sold or on protecting your overall market share, while another sector of your company needs to access a new market or to grow an existing one. Moreover, different scenarios might coexist in your company for different products or customer segments. If that’s the case, the time might have...

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Pricefx Extends Its AI Capabilities with Brennus Analytics

May 7th, 2020 (Updated 03/24/2021)

Marcin Cichon
CEO and Co-founder at Pricefx

How Pricefx Will Extend Its AI Capabilities with Brennus Analytics   I’m quite sure that if you’d ask founders what drove them to start a new business, you’d get many different answers.  The same would apply to the question about the rewards, which made it worthwhile.  For me, the biggest rewards are the experiences made during the process and the beauty of walking the new path, making bold strategic decisions in collaboration with the most professional and amazing team imaginable.  This announcement is one of those moments, which I surely will remember and often reflect on.  Today we’re announcing our acquisition of Brennus Analytics, an...

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Dynamic Pricing? Yes, You Can!

February 28th, 2019 (Updated 03/23/2021)

Duncan Hendy

Article Breakdown: The future of the pricing industry, the trends that shape it and the latest developments on the market How using AI-driven algorithms to make optimal pricing decisions in real time helps your business increase revenues or profits How access to all your data across all channels and systems combined with powerful AI can drive your pricing decisions Traditionally, when we think of dynamic pricing, we think of large institutions with access to massive amounts of data. Not anymore. Time for you to take a slice of that pie. When Gabriel Smith, VP for Product Strategy at Pricefx, and...

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