How to Measure Success in a Pricing Digital Transformation Project

September 9th, 2020 (Updated 04/26/2022)

Tolu Oke
Content Marketer at Pricefx

How You Can Measure Success in a Pricing Digital Transformation    Even in the wake of COVID-19, digital transformation continues to surge in popularity across all sectors. It’s forecasted to increase by 10% in 2020 to $1.3 trillion. Still, despite this sustained growth, some 84% of companies’ digital transformation efforts end in failure. It’s an alarming statistic, but one that seems less surprising when you learn that half of CEOs have no metrics whatsoever for digital transformation success!  It’s vital to remain alert to successes and failures along your digital transformation journey, staving off problems as they arise. Having clear, carefully tracked KPIs in place lets...

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