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Vesper 6.0 Is Here: Say Hello to the New Face of Pricing

December 2nd, 2020 (Updated 02/24/2022)

Lukas Sirucek
Product Manager at Pricefx

The Latest Product Release – Vesper 6.0 You may have heard us say it before: At Pricefx, we are passionate about pricing.  It’s a beautiful curse. We can’t help obsessing over your pricing success. It’s why we spend so much time between versions drilling down into what really matters to you and how we can propel you to pricing superstardom.  And that’s why we’re proud to reveal Vesper, the all-new Pricefx solution that is super streamlined, amazingly agile, and dangerously powerful.  With its first-class functionality, you’ll be getting more done in less time and with better results than ever before.  How did we arrive at the name Vesper? Well, it’s part of a tradition at Pricefx to name our releases after drinks that our colleagues vote on. At our All...

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