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Ventana Names Pricefx a Finalist in 13th Digital Innovation Awards

July 9th, 2020 (Updated 06/20/2023) | 3 min. read

By Pricefx

Innovation in the Sales Department with Pricefx

Pricefx has just been named a finalist in Ventana’s 13th Annual Digital Innovation Awards in the category of Office of Sales. In order to be a finalist in this category, candidates must, “exemplif[y] innovation in the application or technologies that support the sales organization”. We believe that our dedication to innovation and providing the very best in cutting edge solutions to the market are just some of the reasons we have received this honor. 

Here are just three of the most recent innovations that we have invested in to make pricing faster and simpler.  

Lightning Speed Acceleration 

Lightning is a turnkey out of the box solution that, with the use of our Accelerators, will help salespeople to get better insights into their markets. This will help them to better identify high/low performing customers and products so that they can make better informed quoting and selling decisions.  

Our Accelerate Sales Insights Package comes with nine dashboards (or pre-defined analyses) that virtually every company needs and 13 additional standard analysis templates.   

The package includes:   

  • Revenue and profitability over time & by geography   
  • Highest and lowest performing products and customers   
  • Price waterfall analysis and comparisons per time, product and customer   
  • Revenue and margin breakdowns  

The Accelerate CPQ Package provides sales representatives with the latest product and customer details, discount guidelines, recommended target, stretch, and floor prices, and other relevant details to help them negotiate the right price with their customers.   

This package includes:   

  • Customer discounting at the Customer and/or item level   
  • Product configuration   
  • Excel/Word/PDF based quote templates   
  • Email quote to Customer capability   
  • Approval workflow through the Accelerate Approval Workflow Package  

AI Capabilities with Brennus Acquisition  

We recently acquired Brennus Analytics, an AI pricing software company based out of France. The addition of their highly impressive and innovative team of engineers and software means that Pricefx can continue to lead the charge in providing cutting edge pricing and optimization solutions that are much needed in these times.  

According to Marcin Cichon, our CEO, this acquisition is “an exciting French start-up offering a modular, proprietary, transparent, and configurable artificial intelligence (“AI”) technology providing complex optimization capabilities highly applicable to the challenges of a B2B environment”.  

Be on the lookout for more AI-backed pricing solutions that will come as a result of this news. 

Collins Release for UpSelling and CrossSelling  

Collins takes QuoteConfigurator to the next level with several ingenious new features designed to supercharge efficiency and profitability. Upsells and cross-sells are at the forefront of these improvements, with standard logic now in place that makes these potent sales techniques accessible to all users with only minimal input from Pricefx’s pricing scientists. Salespeople can choose from predefined rules for up- or cross-selling, increasing order values in a customizable way, using any margin, category, customer history or scoring system they desire, with the help of our Pricing Scientist.  

Companies around the world have been shaken by recent events but perhaps no other department has felt the direct impact of remote-work, lowered customer budgets and shrinking demand. That’s why it’s become even more important for sales organizations to partner with companies that innovate and give them the tools they need to overcome momentary obstacles and sell without impediment. If your sales organization needs to adapt to drastic changes in the market, then perhaps a little innovation with Pricefx will enable you to adapt with speed.  


We’re passionate about pricing and that’s why we’re committed to delivering the best-in-class pricing software to boost your profitability and increase your market share.