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Bill Thane

Go-To-Market lead for the SAP CPQ and Pricefx practices , Canidium

Bill Thane spent over thirty years as a sales and sales executive experiencing the pain and frustration of creating complex quotes with inferior tools. He has also served as a pre-sales consultant for a CPQ vendor as well as a CPQ implementation senior consultant. Bill has been involved in all phases of the sales and delivery process for both CRM and CPQ. At Canidium he is the Go-To-Market lead for the SAP CPQ and Pricefx practices. Canidium is a highly respected Gold PE Sell partner of SAP for CPQ, Agent Performance Management Enterprise and Commissions as well as an Pricefx implementation partner. Bill and his wife Maria reside in Tampa, Florida.

How to Get Sales Buy-In for Your CPQ Software

Implementing a radically new business idea – such as adopting CPQ (Configure Price Quote) software for your firm – can be a painful process. If...

July 8th, 2022 (Updated 03/10/2023) 10 min read