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Ed Gonzalez

Principal Pricing Scientist , Pricefx

Ed Gonzalez believes in life, liberty and the pursuit of mathematical insight.  With a knack for simplicity, a thirst for understanding and a yearning for practicality, he looks to provide data-driven truth to your decision- making process (with all respect to Jack Nicolaus, he thinks you can handle the truth).  He’s armed with a PhD in Computational and Applied Mathematics from Rice University, and is not afraid to use it, but does so with ease and elegance that might make even Pythagoras blush.  Through his 15+ years in pricing, he has worked on various data-driven pricing solutions for close to 100 customers, helping them lay the analytical foundation best suited for their business.  During that time, the most important lesson he has learned is that a person would rather live with a problem they cannot solve, rather than accept a solution they cannot understand.  He takes inspiration from the equation sqrt(-4) = 2, because it’s all fun and games, until somebody loses an i.

5 Things Pricing AI Can’t Do for You

What comes to mind first when you think of artificial intelligence?   Many of us remember playing against a computer in chess. Fascinated with our opponent’s...

March 22nd, 2023 (Updated 04/05/2023) 14 min read