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Iain Lewis & Sara Gansert

Solution Strategists , Pricefx

Iain Lewis has worked in pricing as a practitioner for 27 years working at Automotive, industrial goods, business services and Distribution companies. Iain brings his unique perspective to each engagement to guide companies through complex buying decisions and has helped companies throughout Europe and South-East Asia continue to improve their pricing approach. As a pricing professional, Sara-Marie Gansert has been supporting companies across various industries to improve their margins by finding and realizing the right pricing strategies. Now working as a Solution Strategist for Pricefx she introduces businesses to pricing software tailored to master their individual challenges in pricing. On the weekends you will find her hiking in the Black Forest, exploring the cities of Europe, or enjoying a good book.

The Top 4 Pricing Functions Pricefx Offers Manufacturers

Manufacturing industries are currently dealing with price increases in everything from steel to produce, wooden pallets and everything in between, and the increasing prices in...

August 8th, 2022 (Updated 03/10/2023) 11 min read