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PFX Platform At-A-Glance

Pricing Integration Across Systems.

/ PFX Platform provides seamless, automated pricing integration with Pricefx solutions and almost any customer or e-commerce system, plus mapping functionalities as well as scheduled integration of business logic.

Features of PFX Platform

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Automate Actions
Create automatic or scheduled actions between systems, such as publishing promotions and discounts to integrated ERP systems

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Expedited Setup
Our software has the shortest timeline to implementation and is the easiest to use.

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Connect Seamlessly
Create a seamless data channel between PriceFx and your connected enterprise system.

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Enrich Data
Enrich and transform data accurately throughout the exchange process.

The PlatformManager Process

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/ We never miss a chance to talk pricing. If you have any questions regarding our platform or the industry, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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