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Capital Pricing Consultants

Capital Pricing Consultants, LLC (CPC) is a Revenue Management and Pricing consultancy dedicated to sustainably improving revenue and profitability for its clients through strategic, tactical and operational recommendations. Working throughout all levels of the organization we strive first to understand your unique business needs and then determine optimal approaches to help you achieve more profit through our Discovery, Assessment and Recommendations model, DAR™. We specialize in the discipline of C.P.Q. , Configure, Price, Quote encompassing far more than just the software. With a particular focus on successful implementation and metric achievement, our unique approach “The 6 Pack Method™ focuses on strategy, change management and business process development guaranteeing successful projects. Whether through timely insights, speaking engagements, tailored training programs or content publication our goal is to provide our clients with actionable, sustainable recommendations and tools to capture and optimize profit. Lydia M. Di Liello is the CEO and founder of Capital Pricing Consultants, LLC. She brings more than 23 years of global revenue management, pricing expertise and business leadership to her clients. She is a member of the Professional Pricing Society Board of Advisors (appointed in 2012) and earned her MBA on scholarship from Youngstown State University. She is passionate about Pricing and leverages the powerful impact on her clients’ bottom line. Company Philosophy: We insist on open and clear communication through every step of the client engagement process. We value the clients’ time and commitment and are therefore dedicated to efficiency and efficacy. We believe in and cultivate long term relationships built one successful project at a time.

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