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Price fx Partner - Clover Group

Clover Group

We know the foodservice challenge…Change is Accelerating – industry maturation driving consolidation across all players – sustained economic uncertainty and commodity volatility – technology disrupting traditional behaviorsStaffing is Lean & Mean – tight margins mean staffing for immediate needs only – limited bench talent to meet sudden needs – there’s no substitute for experience… and experience is hard to “ramp up” to meet spikes in demand for talentRetail Answers Don’t Translate – foodservice value chain complexity distorts cause/effect relationships – retail counterparts have more access to resources – lack of data in foodservice limits decision-making paying Consultants for “On the Job Training” is Too Expensive – most consultants lack real foodservice experience – early portions of engagements pay “outsiders” to learn the industry – recommendations are often impractical for foodservice execution…and enable our clients to rise above. Our Clients are SMART We help our clients execute with change in mind – embracing new technology, making data-supported decisions and finding innovative ways to go to market. Our Clients are OPTIMISTIC They engage us because they welcome the opportunities that change provides and we help them separate from the pack. We are committed to winning together. Our Clients are PRACTICAL Our clients know that foodservice requires constant focus on the customer. They know that Clover Group solutions will enable them to meet long term challenges without sacrificing today’s customer expectations. Clover Group leverages 25 years of foodservice expertise to “hit the ground running” – delivering innovative and executable solutions

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