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Price fx Partner - Ranson Pricing

Ranson Pricing

Are you in the travel industry? An airline, cruise, hotel or railway operator perhaps? Or a supplier to them? Chances are that every day poor pricing strategy is losing you money. It will not be capturing the fairest share of value from customers. And it will not be inspiring busy but valuable corporate buyers to act and make decisions now. Your B2C competitors are stealing market share. Your B2B tenders get stuck in lengthy procurement lasting months or years. I fix things by taking the latest developments in travel revenue strategy and blending them with your unique mix of customers, products and markets – B2C, B2B or both – and blend them together to make your pricing fit for the next decade, beating the competitors and catching up with the rest of the world (which is leaving travel companies like you behind). There are lots of things we can do. The question is what we should do. You might be looking at ancillaries, loyalty and cabin monetization on the B2C side. Or speeding up the process and boosting value while still winning B2B contracts. You don’t need large numbers of expensive people or systems to do this. When it comes to delivering travel revenue growth through pricing, my experience shows that one man with great out-of-the-box tools like those supplied by Price fx can achieve what an army cannot. And I am that man, with more than ten years of experience developing travel revenue streams across almost every area of operations at both travel operators and travel suppliers. I have worked at every type of travel company, from the largest suppliers to the most exciting startups. My efforts have raised industry revenue by more than one billion dollars. Yes, more than one billion dollars. But that’s not all. I provide my services for free. You heard that right. For free. I pay all my expenses and I guarantee that I will raise your revenue by at least USD 10 million in a 12 to 18 month period. You pay nothing up front. When I succeed my commission is just 10%. It is my cast iron guarantee. When it comes to pricing in the next decade, picking numbers and hoping they work out is not enough. The art of pricing will be what you do next. So if you are getting ready to implement Price f(x) (or even if you already have Price f(x) in place) give me a buzz too using the contact form below and together we’ll make that USD 10 million revenue growth happen. I guarantee it.

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