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Price fx Partner - Radar

Revenue Watch

Revenue Watch is the creator of the RADAR eCommerce Price Optimization software that is used by Revenue Management Professionals. The technology is sold globally as both RADAR ( and its Chinese counterpart 雷达 ( represents a major upgrade in pricing science. RADAR applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the vendor’s existing data to simulate the behavior of customers in the market. The Willingness To Pay (WTP), Value Created, and the Demand Curve can now be instantly generated without any price experimentation or price variation whatsoever. Profit maximization and demand forecasts can be accurately calculated by large, medium, and small eCommerce vendors with only a month of historical data.RADAR eliminates the profit leakage caused by same-store cannibalization. Cannibalization can be particularly damaging to a vendor’s profitability when selling multi-product portfolios of same-category products. As a result, RADAR can immediately boost the profitability of eCommerce sites by over 20%.In addition, RADAR can reduce inventory, optimize the product mix, tune positioning, and forecast the success of new product introduction.

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